Inn Season Cafe Round 2

Inn Season serves Pizza at dinner!! I was close to ordering one but I didn’t.  I promised myself next time I would.

Instead, I ordered the Black Bean Avocado Quesadilla Appetizer.  Description from the menu “Whole-wheat tortilla filled with black beans and cheese or vegan Daiya Cheese.  Served with acocado, tomato, onion, green olives, lettuce garnish and house-made salsa.

There is an entree option for this meal but I knew the portion would be too big to finish.  I only ate half of this quesadilla to save room for desert!  I had not tried vegan cheese yet and it tasted like the real thing!  I haven’t been craving dairy products or anything but the familiarity was comfortable.  The house-made salsa was also delicious.  It was warm, a contrast to the typical, cold salsa.  It was a good match for the quesadilla.

I also got a side of steamed broccli.  I usually eat broccli at the Coney but the broccli and Inn Season tasted 1,000 times better.  Why? Because it was fresh!  At the Coney, I was eating frozen broccli steamed from a microwave (also not very good).  Since the broccli arrived well after the quesadilla I could only eat a small portion.

My friend Haeji got the Pesto linguini.

And now for desert!

Last time, I ordered the Opera cake, which is what Haeji ordered.  I was stuck between the Peach crisp and the Strawberry-raspberry tart.  In the end, I chose the tart because the waitress recommended it.  It also came a la mode (vegan icecream).  It was also the first time I tried vegan ice cream.

I was drooling before I took the first bite!!

Inn Season Cafe

Finally.. I have dined at the infamous Inn Season Cafe.  Even though it is located in down town Royal Oak and is kind of far away, it was 100% worth it.  The restaurant itself is fairly small and it has a very homely ambiance.  They’ve been in business since 1981!  We arrived just before noon and it was already pretty crowded.  Their menu includes a wide range of food: salads, burgers, pizza, stir fry. In addition, all of their ingredients are fresh, locally grown, and organic!

I ordered a Portabello Burger.  From the menu: Baked mushroom cap (seasoned with balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, tamari) served on whole grain with cheese or vegan Daiya cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce and tomato.  Served with colselsaw, blue corn chips and choice of sauce.  I chose the tahini dressing and substituted the vegan cheese for avocado.

The burger was delicious.  I could only eat half of it because I wanted to save room for desert……

I am a huge desert foodie.  The hardest part about being a vegan is forgoing cake.  But at the inn season, 99% is vegan/vegetarian.  I decided to try the Opera Cake : layers of hazelnut cake, mocha creme, raspberry, chocolate cake, vegan chocolate mousse and coconut-almond frosting.  Raspberry sauce and hot fudge garnish.

Side View

Wow. It was amazing.  I couldn’t believe it was VEGAN!!!! I asked one of the waiters where they get their cakes.  He credits a Bosnian woman who works at the cafe and makes all their cakes.  I need to get in touch with this Bosnian woman and learn her secrets!

Both my friends got deserts.  One had a Lemon Cake: White lemon cake layered with lemon tofu pudding.  Frosted with a vegan butter cream.

My other friend had the Carrot Pecan Cake: organic carrot and currant cake frosted with almond frosting and garnished with orange sauce and candied pecans.

The Opera Cake was by far the best cake 🙂  We’ve decided to come back to Inn Season weekly.  Next time I think I will try a mexican dish.

Today at Leo’s I decided to have the Michigan Salad.  I did not have the mozzarella cheese or the raspberry vinaigrette dressing and I asked the cooks to grill the onions.  The walnuts were my favorite part