Vegan Coconut Date Bars

My favorite thing that I’ve baked so far…

Coconut Date Bars!  My dad bought a HUGE pack of dates from Costco.  I had to take the opportunity to bake something with dates in it.  I recently went to Plum Market (late night grocery shopping) and was looking at their reduced price bakery shelf.  I bought this date fruit bar made by Avalon Bakery.  

I used Oh She Glow’s 5 Ingredient Date Square Recipe in attempt to re-create that date bar.  I did add in one ingredient: unsweetened coconut.  It was a little salty, but I think I know how to improve the recipe.  Next time I will use agave nectar because the coconut oil didn’t hold the crust very well together.  This will also give it a more sweeter taste.  Another change I will make is to include more dates!  The water thinned the date bar and it wasn’t as fruity as Avalon’s. Still, it was delicious