Inn Season and Build-A-Bear

I took Isabella out to Inn Season Cafe again.  This time we went with Erin and Emma.  Isabella is so silly 😛


And for the food! I ordered the Tempeh Burger. Great burger, and it was the first time I had tempeh


For desert I got the Cashew Cake.  I wasn’t very fond of the spice that was on top but other than that it was good.  I think next time I’ll get the carrot cake.  I wish the deserts weren’t so expensive! Six dollars!! Almost too pricy.  This is why I need the recipe so I can make some at home


Afterwards, Isabella and I went to Somerset Mall to return a few items.  Isabella saw the Build-a-Bear store and wanted to build a bear.


The Stuffed dogs’ name is Abby.  Actually, I came up with the name because when I asked her what she wanted the name to be she said “I don’t know” in her cute adorable chinese accent.  Her english has gotten so well.  It’s been less than a month since her arrival and she has already picked up on so much.  Her favorite phrases include “I don’t know,” “What you doing?” “Let me see!” and “Oh my god”.  She is also obsessed with throwing the peace sign up every time we take a picture.  She and my mom leave back for China on August 21 😦  That same day, two of my friends leave for college!  Time is going by too fast, where did the summer go?