Quinoa, Kale, and Berry Bliss Oat Squares

After class Thursday, I stopped by Whole Foods to purchase Quinoa!  It was my first time making it.  It was hard to rinse the quinoa because I don’t have a thin strainer so I ended up hand washing it.  I lost some quinoa in the process but now I know next time to use a cheesecloth or not wash it at all.

I had kale, tabouli, and hummus in the fridge so I decided to create a “mediterranean salad”

I then topped it off with hummus 🙂

I also JUST got my food processor Today! To celebrate I made some Berry Bliss Oat Squares with the recipe from Oh She Glows.

Processing oats is so much fun

Pureeing the Strawberries, blueberries, banana, and maple syrup

I think I should have kept them in the oven slightly longer for a more “crispy” bar

Still, the bars turned out great!  Now that I have the food processor I can do more things!  I wonder what recipe I should tackle next… I might make the fruit and nut bars again because we ran out recently because I would eat one everyday.  This wednesday I’am going to Inn Season Cafe with my mom and my sister! I’m so excited to show them vegan/vegetarian cooking… and of course, the deserts.  On Friday, I’m going to Ann Arbor for the annual, Ann Arbor Art Fair to sit at the table for the Southeastern Michigan Animal Rights team.  This will be my first event with S.M.A.R.T but I’m excited to get involved!


Countdown post

There are so many things I’m looking forward to this summer…..

12 days until my Mom and my four year old sister, Isabella, come home from China!!

Here are some pictures we took from Winter Break.  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas   😀

My mom and I on the beach

On the cruise ship

They’ve been living in China for a couple months now.  Isabella used to speak English but now she pretty much only speaks Chinese.  Her fluency is far superior to mine.  Even though I took Chinese throughout high school I still can’t write or read Chinese well.  I plan on taking a Chinese class next semester.  I couldn’t fit it this semester because then I would be taking 17 credits instead of the normal 16.

21 days until my other sister, Michelle, returns home from China.  She left on the 17th and is currently volunteering at a Chinese orphanage.

Here’s us at my graduation party the day before she left.

She sent me some pictures of her at the orphanage

I miss them a lot!

37 days until the Wiz Khalifa concert!  Mac Miller, Hoodie Allen, Chiddy Bang, and some other artists I’m not familiar with.

Saw this at the Caribou Coffee in downtown Royal Oak yesterday

I’m so excited!! The last concert I went to was the Justin Bieber concert lol.

?!?! days until I move in

I would have a countdown for when I move to Ann Arbor.. but I haven’t even received the housing e-mail 😦 Apparently they send e-mails out in batches.  Mid-June, mid-july, and mid-august.  I’m crossing my fingers I don’t end up on North Campus.  If you’re unfamiliar with North Campus, it is similar to Alaska, far, far away.  That is, if you are an LSA student.  If you are in engineering or theater, then North Campus is home. Since I’m in LSA and all my classes are on central I hope I get central campus at least the hill.  I was bored one day and decided to create this meme.  It pretty much sums up North Campus