Beans galore

My dad has been very supportive of my decision to go vegan.  His only concern is that I get adequate nutrients.  Over the weekend, he went shopping at a Chinese grocery store and bought vegan staples: Lima Beans, Dried Oats, Soy Beans, White Kidney Beans, Black Rice, Red Beans, Black Beans, and of course, Green tea!

Beans are a vegan staple.  Fiber rich foods like beans keep you fuller for longer and are considered “fat burning foods”.  They’re also high in protein and are a key component to a vegan diet.

If you live near a Chinese or any type of Asian grocery store, I highly recommend checking it out.  Since the asian diet includes a lot of soy products, they sell them at an economical price.

Lima Beans

Dried Oats

White Kidney Beans

Black Rice

Read Beans

Black Beans

Green Tea!


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