Vegan Crepe!

What I Ate Today

BREAKFAST: Two slices of Whole Wheat Toast smeared with Almond Butter and Craisins.  This filled me up by Lunch Time

LUNCH: Went out with my old friends from middle school to What Crepe in Birmingham.  The last two times I went I got sweet crepes so I wanted to try the “savory” kind.  I ordered the #7 Vegan Crepe with pan seared tofu, wild mushrooms, and truffle zip.  I had to replace the truffle zip for the vegan truffle zip.  It was DELICIOUS.  I am definitely coming back soon.

DINNER: I work at Leo’s Coney Island so I pretty much have the same thing, or variations of my greek salad.  Half Spinach, half romaine, no beats, olives, or feta, extra cucumbers and tomatoes.  Since the Leo’s dressing (regular and light) has eggs in it I can’t have that.  Instead, I squeeze lemon juice and use salsa!  Sometimes I don’t have salsa and I’ll make myself a pita sandwich with a dry toasted whole wheat pita.


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